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Protocol Labs: Creating New Networks

Protocol Labs: Creating New Networks

Juan Benet
Juan Benet on May 18, 2017

Protocol Labs is a research, development, and deployment lab for network protocols. We believe the internet is humanity’s most important technology. Our mission is to improve the internet and computing, generally. We are doing so by creating groundbreaking protocols, and speeding up the pipeline from ideas on paper to users’ hands. Today I’m excited to discuss the challenges of our time, our inspirations, our methods, our projects, and our business model. This post is just a short summary of our vision and plans for the future. In the coming months and years we’ll continue to expand on this vision with articles, talks, projects, and actions.

Our Background: the challenges of our time


The advent of computing radically transformed humanity, and so has the flourishing of our global nervous system: the Internet. This still-nascent medium of communication, of digital existence, will connect us and empower us in ways we’ve only begun to understand. In just a few short decades we’ve acquired tremendous, almost magical superpowers: we can speak to half the planet, at any time and from almost anywhere; we can explore and search the most complete compendium of human knowledge in seconds; we can reason about and solve tremendously difficult problems; we can work, play, and be together at a distance; we can conjure systems of digital and mechanical agents to do our bidding; we can change the world, we can save lives, we can wield all the powers of our species, for good and bad, with a sequence of keystrokes.

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