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Lab Day August 2018

Lab Day August 2018

Jesse Clayburgh
Jesse Clayburgh on October 23, 2018

On August 18th we held our first ever Lab Day: a day-long event dedicated to contributors and collaborators in the Protocol Labs ecosystem. Our goal with Lab Day was to gather our community to share and collaborate with each other in a fun and inspiring environment. We heard presentations from a wide array of researchers, developers, and contributors to the IPFS, libp2p, IPLD, and Filecoin ecosystems. Click “Read more” to see a listing of all speakers and talks.

We’d like to extend our warmest thanks to all who attended, contributed, and made the event such a success.

Click here to view a playlist of all presentations

Click here to see photos of the event

This Lab Day was held in San Francisco and we’ll be holding more Lab Days in the future around the world. We look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Lab Day 2018 Speakers and Presentations

Jesse Clayburgh - Protocol Labs - Introduction

Juan Benet - Protocol Labs - Context for Lab Day & Protocol Labs

Mike Goelzer - Protocol Labs - The libp2p Project

Felipe Sant Ana - Paratii - Paratii: P2P Video Publishing

Chris Pacia - OpenBazaar - libp2p in OpenBazaar

Matt Zumwalt - Protocol Labs - Governance Challenges faced by IPFS

Raphaela Sapire - Livepeer - How Blockchain Can Shift the Paradigm of Video Streaming

André Cruz & Pedro Teixeira - Protocol Labs - Building dApps on PermaWeb

Devon James & Amy James - Alexandria - New Business Models for Content Producers

Volker Mische - Protocol Labs - GraphSync

Marcin Rataj & Kyle Drake - Protocol Labs - Protocol Handler Demo with libdweb and Firefox Nightly

Mark Nadal - GUN - Gun, CRDTs, Data fun

Duke Crawford - - GIF on NDN

Colin Evran & Michelle Brous - Protocol Labs - Communities in China

Juan Benet - Protocol Labs - Filecoin Demo

Neo Ge 葛子豪, Jacky Liang 梁家骐, Celia Xu 徐莹, Junyao Ren 任俊尧 - Panel: Example Community Leaders in China

Michelle Lee - Protocol Labs - Defining Your Protocol’s Users

Andrew W. Hill & Sander Pick - Textile - Textile

Björn Wagner - Parity - Polkadot & Parity Substrate

Rob Currie - UCSC Genomics Institute - Decentralizing Genomics

Steven Allen - Protocol Labs - IPLD: What, why, and what next?

Alan Ransil - Protocol Labs - Developing an Open Source Energy Trading Protocol

Adrien - DTube - How to build a dApp and gather community

Dandelion Mané - Protocol Labs - SourceCred: Reputation and rewards for open-source projects

Sawood Alam - interplanetary wayback - InterPlanetary Wayback: The Next Step Towards Decentralized Web Archiving

Junyao Ren - When IPFS meets China

Ben Fisch - Protocol Labs - PoReps: Proof of Space on Real Data

Joel Gustafson - Protocol Labs - The Underlay: the Inevitable Future of Knowledge

Jay Carpenter - Arizona FinTech - Policy Innovation with Arizona FinTech Sandbox & Arizona Equity Crowdfunding

Markus Sabadello - DIDs - Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs)

Caroline Spiegel - Protocol Labs - Coral in Action

Dr. Ian Preston - Peergos - Peergos Architecture

Juan Benet, Michael Nielsen, Davidad - Fireside Chat: Open Problems in Science