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The Protocol Labs network includes more than 250 teams building and collaborating across the the frontiers of web3, BCI, AI, and more.

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What We’re Solving 

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Secure the internet and establish Digital Human Rights

Our work focuses on issues like internet freedoms, permissionless systems, data security & sovereignty, fault tolerance, and censorship. We focus on problems that can be solved by improving internet infrastructure and the web application platform.

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Upgrade our economies and governance systems

Crypto provides mechanisms for funding large scale R&D to solve critical problems for humanity. Teams in the network are working on systems to coordinate, develop, fund, maintain, and grow infrastructure that is vital to all of us.

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Develop safe VR, AR, AGI, Robotics, BCI, WBE

Humanity is on the cusp of groundbreaking advancements that have the potential to transform how we live, and the network is working together to unlock these capabilities safely.

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Accelerating the pipeline between ideation and implementation

It is difficult, expensive, and time intensive to move new technologies through research, development, productionizing, and application development. It is crucial to accelerate the process, and share freely all intermediate outputs with the world.

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The internet exists today thanks in large part to open-source culture, and all our work remains dedicated to it.



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Most of us join the Protocol Labs network for the mission, for the projects, and for the people. Each team in the network operates independently; together we drive breakthroughs in computing to push humanity forward. Wherever you are, come invent the future with us.

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