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We make protocols, systems, and tools that anybody can use.

Our work is Open Source and our community is inclusive.

You -- and everyone -- are invited to contribute!

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Where We’re Headed

We believe the internet is our most important technology, and that how it functions or fails can have drastic impact on our capabilities, and our every-day lives.

We are passionately focused on creating the world's foremost research, development, and deployment lab for network protocols, so that we can upgrade the internet.

Our first endeavor is changing how data is stored, addressed, and transmitted, drastically improving the architecture of the internet. This undertaking is the first of many protocols to fundamentally improve computing and our everyday lives.

Our Locations

Just like the internet itself, we are a fully distributed team spread across the globe. We don’t let geography or borders define us, and we work with brilliant people, no matter where they might be. This not only increases our reach, but makes us a far more diverse and dynamic team. If you align passionately with our mission, we want to talk to you, no matter whether you're in Tokyo or Timbuktu.

Current Openings

Our core team drives the development of our projects. The roles below are those we need filled most. If you are interested in joining us, but are not sure you fit any of these roles, or your timing is difficult, reach out anyway! Let's figure out together when our timelines match up.

  • Open Source Product Manager

  • Open Source Project Manager

  • Open Source Product Manager

    Guide the next generation of protocols and decentralized web tools from conception through implementation

    As an open source product manager you’ll use a diverse set of set of engineering, UX, and business skills to create products that guide and direct fundamental changes to the structure of the web. You’re action oriented and are able to guide and support an engineering team of 5-15 people in a very fast-paced environment, yet can step back and see how an individual project or goal fits into our larger mission. You take immense pride and responsibility in your work and aren’t afraid to stand up for what you think is right.

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  • Open Source Project Manager

    Coordinate a team of top talent producing open source software that is fundamentally changing the structure of the world wide web

    This isn't an ordinary Project Management position. Our teams are self-organizing and they sometimes disband to form new teams as often as twice in a month. The Project Manager plays a crucial role on these teams by tracking the relevant information, objectives, and timelines so that the team can prioritize tasks, coordinate work, and deliver on schedule. We also have the added characteristic of being open source, with a strong emphasis on transparency and an ongoing effort to include open source collaborators/contributors in our work.

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  • We focus on value-creation.

  • We work on high-impact problems.

  • We do things right, and we ship them.

  • We do groundbreaking work in our fields.

  • We value learning new knowledge and skills.

  • We align incentives, and work across organizations.

  • We form brilliant and highly capable teams of people.

  • We value ownership and autonomy over large projects.

  • We work with flexible hours from all over the world.

  • We get together in exotic and inspiring locations.