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The Protocol Labs Network is a collection of open source R&D labs working together to build the next generation of the internet.

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If you’re passionate about the future of computing and a more democratized internet, we want to talk to you.

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What We’re Solving 

Distributed Internet Illustration

Power is too centralized on the internet

Our work focuses on issues like internet freedoms, permissionless systems, data security & sovereignty, fault tolerance, and censorship. We focus on problems that can be solved by improving internet infrastructure and the web application platform.

Location Based Content Illustration

Location addressing is brittle and holds our data hostage in silos

Data is the new oil. Data silos and monopolies hold our data hostage. Content addressing is a way to break the hyper-centralization of the web, to set our data free and make the internet and its apps much more resilient.

Future Illustration

Today’s internet is ephemeral, but the future is forever

Fault tolerance, scalability, and data control are just a few of the methods we’re exploring to preserve the internet’s past and ensure its future.

Pipeline Illustration

Accelerating the pipeline between ideation and implementation

It is difficult, expensive, and time intensive to move new technologies through research, development, productionizing, and application development. It is crucial to accelerate the process, and share freely all intermediate outputs with the world.

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If you’re passionate about the future of computing and a more democratized internet, we want to talk to you.

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The internet exists today thanks in large part to open-source culture, and all our work remains dedicated to it.


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Support Protocol Labs as we build a new, decentralized internet architecture to help define Web3.

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We are open source to the core

Open-source technology is at the core of all our projects and at the center of our philosophy.

We are a global, remote workforce

Protocol Labs is a distributed company with no central office, working from home all over the world.

We champion autonomy

We empower people to lead and take ownership of interesting, challenging problems.

We welcome diverse ways of thinking

This is a team of talented, curious people of diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives.

We are a startup lab

We mix fast-paced, growth-oriented startup culture, with deeply analytical, data driven research thinking.

We offer competitive compensation

We offer industry-leading benefits and compensation determined by San Francisco Bay Area standards.

Life at Protocol Labs


Most of us join Protocol Labs for the mission, for the projects, and for the people. PL promises a new adventure you’ll never forget, challenging work doing things that matter, and great relationships that may last you a lifetime. Wherever you are, come invent the future with us.

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