LabWeek22: Get ready for PL’s first-ever decentralized conference 

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Protocol Labs
LabWeek22: Get ready for PL’s first-ever decentralized conference

Pack your bags! Protocol Labs’s first decentralized conference, LabWeek22 (opens new window), will take place in Lisbon, Portugal from Oct. 24-Nov. 4, 2022. LabWeek22 will host events across the dynamic city, from the Protocol Labs Summit and IPFS Camp (opens new window)at the majestic Convento do Beato (opens new window) to FIL Lisbon (opens new window)at the artistic LX Factory (opens new window) to the PL Launchpad Social at the Suspenso Concept Venue (opens new window). More than 1,000 Web3 builders from around the globe are expected to join us.

Excited? We are, too.

# What is LabWeek22?

It’s our first-ever decentralized conference. This means that teams in the Protocol Labs Network will help host dozens of events over two weeks, including research-focused seminars, engineering workshops, summits, unconferences, and happy hours.

Why a decentralized format? It’s an effective way to engage in meaningful conversations with a range of collaborators around a variety of tracks to solve massive global issues.

Together, these events will span a wide array of topics in Web3, including decentralized storage, the world of Filecoin and FVM, NFTs and the metaverse, public goods funding, cryptoeconomics, advancements in distribute compute and efficient data processing, DeSci, and much more!

“This is the first time that it’s a larger scale conference connected to key events that have been a big deal in our community for a long time, including IPFS Camp, ETH Lisbon and FIL Lisbon. It’s going to be a super exciting few weeks in Lisbon.”

– Juan Benet, founder and CEO of Protocol Labs.

Think of LabWeek22 as a choose-your-own-adventure Web3 experience, where you can pick and choose where to go and with whom to meet and collaborate throughout your stay in Lisbon.

LabWeek22 is expected to take place across 11 venues — ranging from the classically styled Convento do Beato to the artistic warehouse district of the LX Factory to the lush Estufa Fria multi-floor greenhouse complex. All the venues (listed on this venue map (opens new window)) are located close to the city center, and several are right on the water.

# How to register

First, visit the main website (opens new window). You can find a schedule of events with details on speakers, times and topics. You can even sign up to host your own event.

Once you’ve chosen your favorite events in the schedule (opens new window), make sure to register for every event that you’re interested in. Each event is independently managed and may have different policies for ticketing and registration. We invite you to join as many events as you are able to. The schedule will be updated regularly as new events are added, so check back often.

Events For Your Diary

LabWeek22 is unique in that various events are running at different times in different historic venues across Lisbon. Here is a list of the biggest gatherings that you won’t want to miss.

PL Summit: Stay tuned for an impressive line-up of speakers that will dive into the different areas of expertise within the Protocol Labs, from Filecoin to IPFS to founders of Web3 startups within our network

  • When: Oct. 24
  • Where: Convento do Beato

IPFS Camp: (opens new window) IPFS Camp is a gathering for devs, operators, implementers, researchers – and you. Join the event for talks, workshops, discussion circles, hacking time, and more, all focused on celebrating and advancing IPFS.

  • When: Oct. 28-30
  • Where: Convento do Beato

FIL Lisbon: (opens new window) The largest of Lab Week’s events, an unmatched speaker lineup will take you through the Filecoin world of FVM, NFTs, the metaverse, and beyond to be a part of the Web3 wave.

  • When: Oct. 30-Nov. 4
  • Where: Filecoin Interplanetary Party at Suspenso (Oct. 30), Main Stage days at LX Factory (Oct. 31-Nov. 1), Web Summit (Nov. 2-4)

For deep dives into specific topics, be sure to check out these thematic events:

  • ConsensusLab Summit
  • Launchpad Social
  • Drand LoE & Friends Summit
  • Funding the Commons
  • CryptoEconDay
  • CoD Summit²
  • Lotus, Data Onboarding & Friends Summit
  • Retrieval Markets Summit
  • libp2p Day

Make sure to register for each individual event on the LabWeek22 (opens new window) website. The aim of Lab Week is to bring together teams and individuals within the Protocol Labs, working together to collaborate and build. It’s a great chance to build connections with teammates and get to know the wider organization. Join us!

# Stay up to date

For travel tips; guides to hotels and co-working spaces; and event updates, be sure to subscribe to our weekly Countdown to Lisbon newsletter (opens new window), follow us on Twitter (opens new window) and keep an eye on the LabWeek22 website (opens new window). Have questions? Reach out to

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