Behind Our Website Redesign 

Protocol Labs
Protocol Labs
Behind Our Website Redesign

We are thrilled to debut the Protocol Labs website redesign. The updated site more clearly communicates who we are, what we do, why we do it, how we got here, and where we’re headed as a research-driven organization dedicated to building a better web.

Our new Homepage highlights some of the projects we’re driving, as well as the latest news, talks, and podcasts featuring Labbers. From there, we hope you’re inspired to dive deeper into our work and mission.

The Work section of the new site showcases the projects we’ve launched, each of which is uniquely positioned to improve the web’s architecture by changing how people store, address, and transmit data. Here we also feature organizations dedicated to some of the same ideas as PL. We work with these groups to drive these ideas forward. You can also learn more about Protocol Labs Research (opens new window), our teams focused on building cryptographic tools and resilient platforms, and addressing consensus scalability issues. Finally, we showcase some of the movements we’ve championed as we build the web of the future.

To learn more about Who We Are, check out the history of Protocol Labs – from the seeds of project ideas in 2013 to the establishment of PL as a company the following year, through our major white paper and product releases, to today, as we celebrate the release of IPFS 0.5.0 and gear up for Filecoin mainnet launch. Our PL team, more than 100 Labbers strong, also works with a community of people and organizations building tools for a distributed web. We highlight some of those collaborators who have shared our journey.

Since you’re reading this post, it’s clear that you found our blog, where we feature organization-wide announcements and updates, as well as project highlights from time to time.

We hope that the information and ideas across this site prompt you to think about the promise of the web in new ways, and either affirms your interest in the Web3 movement – or sparks it.

At Protocol Labs, we believe the internet is humanity’s superpower. We work together and in the open as a remote-first, inclusive organization. Our mission is to make the internet more accessible, equitable, and secure for everyone. We invite you to join us in this mission. Read our recent post for more details on how our team works remotely and if it piques your interest, check out our current openings (opens new window).