Accelerate your Web3 journey: Protocol Labs Launchpad Summit on July 16-21 

Protocol Labs Launchpad
Protocol Labs Launchpad
Accelerate your Web3 journey: Protocol Labs Launchpad Summit on July 16-21

# Ready to learn? Attend the next Launchpad Summit!

For the past two years, Launchpad has been the thriving hub for web3 learning and onboarding within the Protocol Labs Network (PLN), welcoming over 300 residents! Whether newcomers or seasoned professionals, Launchpad has been instrumental in providing essential knowledge and support for individuals venturing into the exciting world of web3 and forming connections across the PL Network.

From training fresh talent to set up their first IPFS or Filecoin node to solidifying their web3 fundamentals and fostering asynchronous collaboration abilities and connections across the PLN, Launchpad has served as the catalyst for the growth and development of talented developers, marketing managers, recruiters, and many more professionals across the PLN.

Launchpad is a blend of two key components:  a dynamic four-week virtual learning cohort, where residents actively participate in remote learning seminars, and an unforgettable one-week in-person “colo” Summit. These summits comprise interactive presentations, technology deep dives, and unparalleled networking opportunities. What makes them even more special is their strategic alignment with major PL Network and web3 events, such as ETHDenver, PL Labweek, Consensus, Funding the Commons, and more.

Over 200 residents have already embarked on these transformative Launchpad Summits, held in a diverse set of locations such as Iceland (opens new window), Amsterdam (opens new window), Austin (opens new window), Palo Alto (opens new window), Lisbon (opens new window) and Denver (opens new window). Residents unanimously highlighted these summits to be the most valuable part of Launchpad. Why? Because it’s during these gatherings that they forge meaningful, face-to-face connections with peers and critical stakeholders who share their passion for web3 technology.

Ready for the next stop on our Launchpad summit tour? Join us in the city of lights, Paris, for EthCC week! Don’t miss out, register today (opens new window) to secure your spot and unlock new possibilities.

What's covered

# What to expect

A busy schedule. We strike a balance between meeting in our working space to break the ice, running daily deep-dive sessions, welcoming inspiring speakers, and exploring the city to attend PLN events, enjoy great food together, and foster deep connections.

Our curriculum delves into core technologies like IPFS, Libp2p, and Filecoin. You’ll learn how these decentralized web protocols revolutionize how we store, share, and access humanity's most valuable data. We cover the fundamental principles of IPFS, such as content addressing, adding and retrieving files and pinning. You will discover how Filecoin uses cryptographic proofs to create a decentralized storage network that verifies data is being stored correctly. Our seminars connect you with core developers on these projects and PLN members who are using this technology to build on daily.

A key aspect of Launchpad is being able to fit the needs of all of our residents, no matter what role or background you might have. We offer different learning tracks pending on each person's current role and previous background. From web3 basics starting with what is a blockchain, to hands-on dev tool sessions, Launchpad has guaranteed learning for everyone.

Launchpad 6 Timeline

Sample Sessions:

  • Deep dive into Cryptoeconomics with the CryptoEconLab
  • Best practices for governance in the Filecoin ecosystem
  • Web3 basics: the difference between Layer 2 scaling solutions
  • How to build a compute over data Layer 2 using Bacalhau
  • Make a Filecoin deal using Lotus
  • Explore FVM
  • PL Network DevTool overview and explorations

# Who can join the Launchpad Summit?

We welcome all new hires into the PLN, Launchpad Alumni and residents who have not yet been able to attend the in-person component and lastly: friends of PLN, namely, teams interacting with the PLN and related technologies.

# How to join the Launchpad Summit?

Launchpad is a ticketed, by-application event. If you meet one of the above criteria, we strongly encourage you to fill out our registration form (opens new window) to attend our next Summit and become part of the Launchpad community.

Launchpad 6 Price

# What are you waiting for?

🔗 Apply: register today (opens new window)
📅 Date: July 16-21, 2023
🇫🇷 Location: Paris, France
⏳Deadline for application: June 23rd
👀 Watch: our last Paris Summit (opens new window)
👂Listen: to testimonials from our v5 cohort (opens new window) and v6 cohort (opens new window)!

More questions? Shoot us an email at or slack #launchpad-community!

See you at the Summit,
Your Launchpad Team 🚀