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Legal Project Manager

Seeking a Project Manager with a passion for legal affairs to support teams creating and implementing groundbreaking internet and communication technologies.

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Your Role at Protocol Labs

We’re a pioneering technology company with strong roots in research and open-source, and our legal department is no exception. Legal projects at Protocol Labs span from the ordinary to the extraordinary as we build the next generation of web infrastructure. Rather than proprietary one-off solutions we have a strong bias towards sharing and collaboration to advance the industries we inhabit as a whole. We’ve already founded and sponsored industry defining projects and advised policymakers, and we’re just getting started.

As Legal Project Manager at Protocol Labs you will be a part of a dynamic and growing legal team and assure our legal operations are efficient and successful across the company. Your days will be spent working closely with internal and external counsel in addition to cross-functional teams of engineers, product managers, and business-people on a vast array of issues from cryptocurrency to open-source, research to privacy. You will serve as the first point of contact for the legal team and help prioritize and manage all legal endeavors, internal and open-source.


  • Collaborate closely with in-house and external counsel to assure all company legal needs are quickly prioritized and addressed

  • Lead wide-ranging legal needs of a rapidly growing company, both directly and through managing outside counsel and partnerships

  • Use best practice project management strategies to assure ongoing legal projects and requirements are delivered efficiently and amenably

  • Develop and improve upon our company legal process and structure, supporting ongoing growth in both the legal team and company at large

  • Lead and support our open-source legal initiatives, such as the SAFT Project


  • Strong individual and team organizational skills: you can keep multiple ambitious legal projects with complex and changing dependencies on track and delivering successfully

  • Team-player with the ability to clearly communicate intricate legal concepts and collaborate with a diverse set of disciplines such as lawyers, engineers, government officials, policymakers and more

  • Demonstrated sound ethical, business, and legal judgment

  • Ability and willingness to adapt practice and habits quickly as the legal, policy, and technology landscapes evolve

Preferred Experience and Skills

  • Substantive knowledge of U.S. & international law in some or all of the following areas where this role will function: corporate law, cryptocurrency, securities and investments, labor law, visas, IP, civil liberties, communication networks, M&A, among others

  • J.D. degree from a top accredited U.S. law school and/or Project or Product Management experience at a top startup or technology company

  • Interest in developing and influencing public policy for cryptocurrency, data-privacy, and open-internet initatives


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